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PolyTeQ® Services

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Technology transfer to issuers

PolyTeQ® Services works with the banknote issuer to develop and implement a note introduction program to meet the unique requirements of each issuer. The program focuses on the following components:

Risk Management

  • Minimising the risk and maximising the success of the introduction of the polymer notes.
  • Implementation of a program of risk management and project control.

Note Introduction Strategy

  • Review and analysis of note introduction strategy options.
  • Development of an appropriate strategy for the public and the note issuer.
  • Strategic planning and control for the polymer note project.

Public Information Program

  • Public information material – posters, brochures, media advertising.
  • Media liaison – media conferences and information releases.

Cash Handlers’ Information and Education

  • Information and education seminars for cash handlers.
  • Information and support programs.


Automated Processing of Polymer Notes

  • Information and support for automated processing of polymer notes.
  • Machine set-up and calibration.

Note Quality Standard for Polymer Notes

  • Development and implementation of a note quality standard for notes in circulation.
  • Monitoring note quality.
  • Pro-active management of the quality of the notes in circulation.

Currency Operations, Work Systems and Processes

  • Review of existing work systems and processes – focus on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Introduction of appropriate changes or enhancements.
  • Advice on destruction/recycling of polymer notes.

Note Performance Evaluation

  • Introduction of a note evaluation program to monitor note performance and note life.
  • Note data collection, analysis and reporting.