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About Us

Formed in 2002, PolyTeQ® Services is the Technical Support division of Innovia Security and provides global technical support to central banks, high security printers and cash handling organisations.

We have a global network of skilled Central Bank Advisors and Technical Project Managers implementing Guardian® technology and knowledge transfer.

Reliable transfer of knowledge
PolyTeQ® Services objective is to ensure consistent quality in all the phases of polymer technology. Consistent quality will help ensure:

  • public confidence in the integrity and functionality of the banknote;
  • that the counterfeiter’s job is made more difficult as the note quality and its security features remain at a high standard for notes in circulation; and
  • trouble-free processing in the expanding network of ATMs, cash handling and vending machines that is driving an increasing standard in note quality levels.

The vast experience gained since the introduction of polymer banknote
technology in 1988, and through the technology’s continuing development,
provides PolyTeQ® with the skills, knowledge and expertise in all aspects
of Guardian® technology.